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Who We Are

Our Business

Vi Trusts AG is a Swiss Trust Company with its office in Zug, Switzerland. Our firm is a global investment trust company with multi discipline in the realm of financial services.

As a Swiss Trust company, we provide privacy to our clients and sealed from public scrutinies. Partnering with high net worth investors to provide financial engineering to an array of sound investment portfolios.

Vi Trusts AG (Vi) Principles are dedicated to global economic development and the general betterment of society and the communities in which they serve. Through precision efforts, Vi Trust AG will provide capital, financial and social services throughout Planet Earth. Dedication and social consciousness drives Vi. www.Vi-Trusts.com

Our Mission

To produce superior risk-calibrated investment returns from opportunities in established market sectors as well as emerging economies that deliver a sustainable asset portfolio for our clients in the long term.

Our Vision

Our forward thinking journeys beyond ordinary vision and look for investments that bring disruption to the market. Invest not just to create wealth, but also has the potential to change human behavior for the better.

Our Values

At Vi Trusts AG, we believe that our greatest asset is our people. We listen to their ideas, we analyze, we categorize, then we capitalize.

We value the important of a sustainable environment. We are here to make our world a better place to live for all mankind.

Our Capabilities

Vi Trusts AG - A Swiss Trust Company (STC) providing for corporate Investment, Asset Protection, Banking SWIFT, Trust services and various other banking services. Managed by Mr. Francois Trans

An STC is authorized to conduct a multitude of wide-ranging business activities. It has the power to borrow and loan money and to open accounts in any domestic or foreign bank, including banks in the United States. These can include trust, commercial, escrow and merchant accounts as well as third-party sub-accounts. An STC can in fact provide a wide range of worldwide fiduciary services. As the investors assets are currently in Switzerland, it will be very important to keep the same banking jurisdiction when structuring this business model for deployment of Instruments for projects.

- An STC is not limited to monetary transactions alone. It can purchase, sell, exchange, or hold mortgages in real property worldwide as well as invest in precious metals and natural resources. It may acquire and sell private and commercial properties worldwide.

- Although an STC is not allowed to call itself a bank, it has the power to act as a holding company for banks and other financial institutions and may in fact hold and own banks and other financial institutions. An STC has the power to create correspondent banking relationships.

- An STC can participate in life insurance annuity funds, insurance settlements, and provide insurance, including general insurance, marine, performance bond, surety bond, completion bond and investment insurance. Additionally, it can deal in insurance brokerage, reinsurance and premium financing.

- An STC can deal in equities, foreign exchange and foreign currencies, act as a general leasing business, and engage in money fund, mutual fund and real estate investment trust funds and other investment activities. It can also engage in formation of general limited partnerships and create or participate in joint ventures.

- An STC has the power to serve as an investment adviser. It can also sell annuities and, as the very name implies, has the Power of Trustee. It can invest funds on behalf of third-party customers.

- An STC can act in the capacity of a consultant, trustee, investment adviser, pension adviser, as well as act as natural persons, as attorney-in-fact, along with having the power to make and sign contracts.

VI Trusts Foundation

Providing direct financial support to Conservation International (www.conservation.org ) conservation initiatives for S.E. Asia and other parts of the world. Vi will be working directly with many non profit organization for a better world. NOTE: Please see additional information in the STC Incorporation agreement.

As an example, MODDHA International Foundation (www.moddha.org) brings restoration, knowledge and celebration; providing sustainable villages equipped with clean water, organic food, communications, education and holistic wellness through innovative technology and world partnerships, caring for all basic human needs. MODDHA is connecting cultures to ignite harmony amongst the children of our planet by sharing; art, music, dance, and knowledge, stimulating creativity, planet stewardship, and compassion, instilling values embracing all people as one family.