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Private Equity

As a private institution, Vi Trusts AG with our financial strength, we can partner with companies many different ways. We can take a public traded company private. Provide the financial strength for growth and expansion. Assist in restructuring debt, corporate re-organization, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs and risk management.


We invest in start-ups that have the potential to disrupt the market. From technology to pharmaceutical we have in depth experience to assist incubate early-stage to IPO stages.

Real Estate

Project owners can rely on Vi Trusts AG team of veterans with in depth experience toward market strategies, urban planning, construction and development. We not only provide the financing, but can guide projects to successful horizons.

* Commercial Real Estate
* Residential Real Estate
* Hospitality
* Shopping Centers
* Industrial Properties
* Senior/Retirement Communities
* Smart Cities


Recognizing the GDP growth of each country depends on the quality of its infrastructure. Vi Trusts AG has the capability to provide long term investments in:

* Roads
* Bridges
* Airports
* Seaports
* Water Treatments
* Mass Transit


We live in the 21st Century relying heavily on technology to improve the way we live, the way we think, and the way we work. Cyber securities an increasingly concern for all businesses and governments. Vi Trusts AG identify the prudent needs for a thriving economy is to protect the investments and also venture into the forefront of the industry.

* Artificial Intelligence
* Blockchain Technology
* Data Centers
* Cloud Computing
* Satellites
* Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)
* Ecommerce
* Crypto Currencies
* Cyber Securities


Invest with heavy conscious toward a sustainable environment for future generations and at the same time provide investments toward responsible energy producing methods to provide sufficient energy for our ever growing world. Vi Trusts AG invest in:

* Oil and Gas Exploration
* Deep Water Drilling
* Natural Gas
* Coal Power
* Solar Power
* Wind Energy
* Hydro Power
* Biofuels
* Biomass Energy
* Wave Energy
* Geothermal Power


Five Basic Steps to Finance Your Project from Vi Trusts AG
Step 1: Identify the Project. ...

Project owner/borrower submits cis, business executive summary with RWA letter ( Ready, Willing and Able confirmation) to Vi Trusts AG as lender.
Upon initial review of the project, Vi Trusts AG will either reply interest or not interest with the formal LOI and BCL letter.

Step 2: Determine the feasibility of the project. ( only after receiving the LOI from Vi Trusts AG)

Project owner/borrower submits detailed business plan, Proof Of Fund (POF) with authorization to verify 1% processing fee to Vi Trusts AG.
Upon success of POF verification, Vi Trusts AG will do initial due diligence of the project. Vi Trusts AG will either reply interest or not interest with the full due diligence via the formal conditional commitment letter ( soft LOC).

Step 3: Identify sources of technology and operational plan...

Vi Trusts AG/Lender submits detailed business due diligence questions & cost. Project owner/borrower submits detailed answers on lender’s due diligence questions, with partial transfering of 1% fee, as part of business due diligence fee deposit, to Vi Trusts AG, before initiation.
Upon success of receiving the deposit, Vi Trusts AG will prepare to travel to project site, for detailed due diligence of the project. Within 5 banking days after completion of due diligence, Vi Trusts AG will either reply commitment to fund or not via the formal full commitment to fund letter (full LOC).

Step 4: Identify sources & structure of project finance. ...

Vi Trusts AG/lender submits the term sheet summary of the suggested legal, capital ownership, operational & management and funds draw down structure of the project. Project owner/borrower submits negotiated terms and structure in reflection of the Vi Trusts AG/ Lender’s terms. The process repeats, negotiate, agree and sign off between parties, before the next step can proceed. This is part of structured project financing term sheet agreement before detailed legal definitive agreements process can be initiated.
Vi Trusts AG/ Lender’s will select the legal firm, for drawing up all the legal definitive documents and also act as escrow agent with proper instructions between parties as reflected in the agreed term sheet.
Project owner/borrower transfers the remaining 1% underwriting and process fee to legal firm as escrow agent, before legal & financing process can be initiated.

Step 5: Mitigate the project risk.

Project owner/borrower and Vi Trusts AG/ Lender will work together on the risk management plan with proper governance and oversight process